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LaSt UpDaTeD: October 2, 2010.

Okay, I'm running out of holidays here to use as a reason for downloading two Bewitch-ing songs I mixed, both in high-quality 128-bit mp3 formats. The first is Elizabeth Montgomery and Vic Damone's version of the Rodgers and Hart classic, "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered", sung on Liz's October 1, 1966 hosting of The Hollywood Palace. The second, "Witch Doctor Bombay", is a tribute to our favorite witch doctor, with his ridiculous quotes interjected into David Seville and the Chipmunks' ooh-ee-ooh-ah-ahs and walla-walla-bing-bangs. (You know who you are: Sorry, it's not obscene. ;-) )

^^^ The Webmaster's Choice Award goes to my favorite tales. The criteria includes trueness to the show, a good plot, and readability. (And YES, they're biased. If you want to change that, REVIEW something. :p ) You'll see them marked with a trophy:^^^

The winners of October 2009's Bewitched Fan Fiction contest:

1. We'll Meet Again by KatrinaLou1990

2. In a Mortal's Shoes by Vee22

3. Daddy's Little Girl by KatrinaLou1990

Best Witches!!


A Bewitched Final Episode by Chuck T ~ An idea for a Bewitched series finale. REVIEW

A Bogus Bogey by Ben E. Saucer ~ Darrin hurts his back right before a golf game, so Dr. Bombay helps him. (Also has a "Harry Potter"-esque scene.) REVIEW

Adam, the Guinea Pig by Ben E. Saucer ~ Adam is again tested for signs of witchcraft. REVIEW

A Fix for a Witch by Ben E. Saucer ~ Aunt Clara has some trouble with a washing machine. REVIEW

A Good World After All by DianeB ~ An adult Adam Stephens must cope with his mortal father's destiny. Alternate link: #1 REVIEW

A Reluctant Life by Leigh1986 ~ Unlike his sister, Adam never had an easy time accepting his fate. All he ever wanted was to be normal. A series of drabbles from the life of Adam Stephens. REVIEW

A Salem Witch Hunt by Ben E. Saucer ~ In Salem, convention members discover illegal slot machines. REVIEW

A Spell of Weather by Ben E. Saucer ~ A "Wizard of Oz"- style tornado blows into the neighborhood. REVIEW

Attraction or Repulsion by Alucino ~ Samantha and Darrin wake up one morning feeling a repulsing magnetic force between them. REVIEW

A Twin for Tabitha by kawaii-peach14~ Feeling neglected after Adam's birth, Tabitha zaps up her twin. NOTE: Dead link. Saved here for archival purposes. REVIEW

A Twitch in Time by Ben E. Saucer ~ Samantha and Maurice must go back in time to restore the future. REVIEW

A Visit from Aunt Clara by Ben E. Saucer ~ At Christmas, Aunt Clara's powers are tested. REVIEW

Be Careful What You Witch For by Vee22 ~ Angered by his mother-in-law, Darrin impulsively wishes that he'd never learned that witches were real. Endora grants his wish. REVIEW

Becoming Tabitha by Alucino ~ Tabitha has to endure being a teenage witch growing up in a mortal world. REVIEW

Before They Were Married by Megan (AllThatJazz777) ~ A glimpse at Darrin and Samantha's pre-married lives. Alternate link: #1 REVIEW

Being Different by nightbird47 ~ An AU (alternate universe) where Darrin remains a warlock. REVIEW

*BeSwitched by Caleb Jones and Eric ~ Aunt Clara bodyswaps the Stephens, the Kravitzes, and the Tates. REVIEW

BeTwitched by love2read101 ~ Venus and Jupiter are the younger twin girls of the Stephenses. REVIEW

BeTwitched by Mark Langlois (Wizzy) and James Hunter (CosmosCotillion) ~ Tabitha, newly divorced, moves into 1164 as Samantha starts her life with Darrin all over again. REVIEW

Bewitched by White Sapphire ~ Endora interrupts breakfast at 1164 Morning Glory Circle. REVIEW

*Bewitched by jamie ~ Samantha decides to be naughty at a party. Adults only. REVIEW

*Bewitched: A Meeting of the Minds at the Pussywillow Lounge by Randalynn ~ Endora turns Darrin into a female stripper. REVIEW

Bewitched, Bothered, and Out On Strike by Laura Stigler ~ Larry Tate criticizes the actors' strike. REVIEW

bewitched generation: Shae by Eliza Spootkitten ~ The Stephenses have three more children- Xander, Lexi, and Shae. REVIEW

Bewitched: The 7th Day Solution by Romantic Twist ~ After 8 years of having his life hijacked and traumatized by Samantha's relatives, Darrin seeks solace in a church. REVIEW

Catchers in the Lie by Ben E. Saucer ~ Darrin's lies come true. REVIEW

Checkmate! by Ben E. Saucer ~ An Ouija/ chess board frightens Phyllis; Esmeralda is sick. REVIEW

Colored Eggs by Ben E. Saucer ~ The Easter Bunny's eggs keep multiplying. REVIEW

Daddy's Little Girl by KatrinaLou1990 ~ Darrin realizes his little girl is growing up. Based on Steven Curtis Chapman's song, "Cinderella." REVIEW

Darrin in Toyland by FaithInHim4ever ~ When a new client of Darrin's comes to the Stevens' home, Darrin becomes the know-it-all of toy info with the help of Endora. REVIEW

Definitely Not a Washout by Leigh1986  ~ Darrin Stephens had never allowed himself to view his son as anything other than a blissfully normal mortal boy. Soon after Adam's eighteenth birthday, however, Darrin struggles to accept a new magical reality. REVIEW

*De-Witched by unknown ~ Samantha is hypnotized by Mr. Sardone. Adults only. REVIEW

Driving Aunt Clara by Ben E. Saucer ~ Aunt Clara tries to get a driver's license. REVIEW

Dueling In-Laws by Ben E. Saucer ~ Samantha and Darrin experiment with inter-dimensional travel. REVIEW

End-ora by Fairy Slayer ~ Darrin decides to stop Endora's power over him for good. REVIEW

Fan Fictions by Ryan Goble ~ A collection of ideas for Bewitched fan fictions, sent in by viewers. REVIEW

Fortunatus by Ben E. Saucer ~ Uncle Arthur's magic gifts cause the Stephenses trouble. REVIEW

Friends in Need by camerabugs ~ Louise reveals her secret to Samantha. REVIEW

Full House by Ben E. Saucer ~ Tabtiha invokes a ghost to haunt their house so it won't be sold. REVIEW

Get Away for a Spell by the writers of the 1967 Bewitched Annual ~ Sam and Darrin take a vacation on a tropical island, only to be involved in a kidnapping plot. REVIEW

Great Aunts by Danelle Witte (Polychrome) ~ Sam and Darrin take care of Darrin's Aunt Madge, the one who thinks she's a lighthouse. REVIEW

Home by BG Sparrow ~ (takes place during the Bewitched movie) Isabel yearns for Jack, even after he has rejected her. REVIEW

Happy Anniversary by Doug Laird ~ Darrin reflects on his thirty-fifth anniversary. REVIEW

I married a witch! by the writers of the 1966 Bewitched Annual ~ A slightly different version of Darrin and Samantha Stephens' wedding night and honeymoon. REVIEW

*I'm Not Losing Sleep by kissthegirl85 ~ Darrin/Larry slash. Adults only. REVIEW

In A Mortal's Shoes by Vee22 ~ Aunt Clara casts a tolerance spell to end the bickering between Endora and Darrin. Unfortunately, the spell backfires and leads to Endora and Darrin switching bodies. REVIEW

Itching for a Fight by Danelle Witte (Polychrome) ~ The newlyweds have a fight over Samantha's use of witchcraft. REVIEW

It's Only a Test by Ben E. Saucer ~ Tabitha wishes up an air raid siren. REVIEW

Jessie by Katrina (NoseTwitcher14) ~ Tabitha loses a childhood friend. Alternate link: #1 REVIEW

Magic Soup by Cadao ~ Samantha zaps up some delicious soup. REVIEW

McMann & Tate meet Mr Pin by inkscratcher ~ Once again, Darrin is battling Endora's witchcraft while trying to land a new account. REVIEW

Metamorphosis by Ben E. Saucer ~ Some residents of Westport mysteriously change. REVIEW

Mistakes by NoseTwitcher14 (Katrina) ~ Serena makes a mistake that she must live with the rest of her life. REVIEW

Mortal Games by Ben E. Saucer ~ Timmy comes over to play chess. REVIEW

Mortal Love Can Be Magic by Vee22 ~ Annoyed with warlocks, Samantha unexpectedly falls in love with a mortal. REVIEW

*Missing Pieces by moogsynth ~ Though from different worlds, Samantha and Darrin seem absolutely perfect for each other. Could each be the other's missing piece? REVIEW

Never-Never-Land by Doug Laird ~ Samantha must cope with Darrin's final days. REVIEW

Nightmare on Morning Glory Circle by Ben E. Saucer ~ Darrin keeps having strange nightmares. REVIEW

On the Eve of Halloween by Ryan Goble ~ The Stephens go back in time to rescue the witch Matilda from execution in Salem. REVIEW

Once in a Blue Moon by Ben E. Saucer ~ While pregnant, Sam must fly for her health. REVIEW

One Good Turn... by Ben E. Saucer ~ Uncle Arthur goes on trial; Samantha must rescue Aunt Clara. REVIEW

Pink Flamingos by Ryan Goble ~ Plastic pink flamingos mysteriously begin to appear all over the place. REVIEW

Samantha and Louise: Desperate Housewives by James Hunter (CosmosCotillion) ~ The two surburban housewives yearn for something more- like a career.  REVIEW

*Samantha's Admirer by timescribe ~ A 15-year-old boy named Martin wants to be eaten by Samantha. REVIEW

Samanatha's new husband by LadyLudvika ~ Samantha is bethrothed against her will to Lord Stockbridge. REVIEW

Samantha's Story by Arfies ~ On their 10th anniversary, Sam tells Darrin of her life before she met him. Alternate link: #1 REVIEW

Samantha's Story (Script Form) by Arfies ~ As described, with a new scene. REVIEW

Secrets Behind a Marriage by Ryan Goble (idea by David Pierce) ~ Samantha sets out to prove it wasn't a spell that brought she and Darrin together. REVIEW

Seraphina by KatrinaLou1990 ~ The baby witch Seraphina is born. REVIEW

*Serena's Sex Spell by Andrew Troy Keller ~ Serena decides to cast a naughty spell on a vistor to the Stephens' household. REVIEW

Serena's Story by kawaii-peach14 ~ Serena's take on her cousin's weirdo marriage. NOTE: Dead link preserved here for archival purposes. REVIEW

*She Twitched by David Carroll ~ Morning Glory Circle's idyllic image of suburbia is threatened. REVIEW

Tabitha Loves Her Baby Brother by Marie S Zachary ~ Tabitha holds baby Adam for the first time. REVIEW

Tabitha Loves Her Mommy by Marie S Zachary ~ Tabitha eats some cake that she isn't supposed to. REVIEW

*Tabitha's Date by thunder ~ Tabitha has a very specific goal for her date with a mortal. Adults only. REVIEW

Tabitha's Nightmare by John Brady ~ Tabitha is frightened by a scary dream. REVIEW

TABitHa's Notebook by Miss Pookamonga ~ A very young Tabitha writes her thoughts in a notebook. REVIEW

Tabitha's Story by Bewitchedforever ~ Short story about Tabitha's life with Jonathan Tate. REVIEW

Tarroq Bewitched by NightstarShadow ~ A mysterious new client of Darrin's sets Samantha on edge. REVIEW

The Abdication by Arfies ~ Samantha resigns from being Queen of the Witches. REVIEW

The Bewitched Fan Fiction Contest by Arfies ~ Aunt Clara is assigned to write a story for the Galactic Rejuvenation and Dinner Dance, but is at a loss for words... until a strange scroll lands at her feet. REVIEW

*"The Bewitched Movie" by Sitcomwriter ~ One script for a Bewitched movie. REVIEW

*The Days Go By by thatwitch ~ Based on a dream where Darrin and Samantha split up. REVIEW

The Family Ties That Bind by Doug Laird ~ When the Stephenses go to a party held in honor of Maurice, Darrin runs into all of his mischievous in-laws. REVIEW

The Great Debate by Ryan Goble ~ Sam and Darrin clash when supporting different politicians. REVIEW

The Guitar Man by Ryan Goble ~ Endora turns Darrin into a rock 'n roll freak. REVIEW

The Long Lost Witch by Tabitha Stephens ~ Serena's "mistake" from a decade ago comes back. REVIEW

*The Moon and Samantha by DianeB ~ A post-ep to "Sam in the Moon" concerning her past magical trip there. Alternate link: #1 REVIEW

*The Samantha Trilogy by Susan West ~ Samantha, broken up with her boyfriend Darrin, meets a mysterious stranger in a cab. Adults only. REVIEW

The Truth Comes Out by Joe Gardner ~ Samantha considers telling a few mortals the truth about herself. REVIEW

The Witches' Answer Sheet by Vince Nolan and Roger Swift ~ Samantha is afraid for her marriage when Endora threatens to show Darrin the origin of witches. REVIEW

The Witch Switch by Natalie Cantu ~ Darrin makes Samantha give up her powers for good. REVIEW

To Wish or Not to Wish by Marie1964 ~ Samantha changes herself into a mortal and can't do anything when Endora sends Darrin to Alaska. REVIEW

Witch in Progress by Elisabeth Byrd ~ Tabitha must cope with being a teenage witch. REVIEW

We'll Meet Again by KatrinaLou1990 ~ Samantha and Darrin have a history beyond which they originally thought. REVIEW

Young, Free and Travelling the World by Vanished In A Reverie ~ Samantha is young and travelling the world, visiting many of the major cities. REVIEW

Darrin's Love Poem to Samantha by thatwitch ~ Self-explanatory. (Yay!) REVIEW

Not Just a Witch: Darrin's Poem to Samantha by kawaii-peach14 ~ A humorous poem from Darrin to Sam. NOTE: Dead link preserved here for archival purposes. REVIEW

The Ballad of Grover the Morph by Arfies ~ An old Irish ballad reveals why Darrin will turn into a different man- and that no one will notice. Alternate link: #1 REVIEW

Adventures of Sinbad

Tabatha's Adventures of Sinbad by Lady Rumina ~ Tabatha zaps Rumina out of an Adventures of Sinbad storybook. REVIEW

Ancient Destroyer

*Y*AD- The Refugees by Rob Morris ~ As billions of refugees flee a dying and possibly doomed alternate reality, Adam Stephens finds that all the powers of the multiverse can't keep him from a harsh choice. REVIEW

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Can Be a Dangerous Thing by Rob Morris ~ Adam Stephens shares his past with Willow. REVIEW

Doorknobs and Broomsticks by Teri ~ Xander decides to visit his Aunt Clara. REVIEW


Bothered and Bewildered (The Halliwells Become Bewitched!) by Demille (Doug2) ~ Piper, Phoebe, and Prue are shocked to find that they have been zapped into "Bewitched." Alternate link: #1 REVIEW

Charming Samantha by Demille (Doug2) ~ Meanwhile, Samantha, Serena, and Louise Tate turn into the Charmed Ones. Alternate link: #1 REVIEW

Serena Returns by Demille (Doug2) ~ Serena is determined to win Leo's heart. Alternate link: #1 REVIEW


Bewitched: A Cinderella story by ScarlettLovesRhett ~ Will Samantha find her Prince Charming or will her stepfamily get in the way? REVIEW

Desperate Housewives

*Desperate Witches by Christiana Gallagher  ~ Bree and Rex Van De Kamp move in to Morning Glory Circle. REVIEW

Doctor Who

...And Bewildered by P. Ingerson ~ A double drabble (fan fic vignette)- A blue English telephone box appears in 1164. REVIEW

Potpourri Two by Paul Gadzikowski ~ Sam, Darrin, and Endora end up in a Doctor Who comic strip. REVIEW


A Beary Short E! Story by Unknown. Sent by Lise Martel ~ Tabitha turns Johnny into a teddy bear. REVIEW

The Fantastic Four

Growing Up Fantastic- Wishcraft by Atomic Mynx ~ Johnny and Franklin watch a "Bewitched" marathon on TV. REVIEW

Forever Knight

*Moon Dance by Lorelei Sieja ~ A widowed Samantha marries Jonathan. REVIEW

The Halloween Visitor by Rob Morris ~ Darrin meets Endora's other ex-husband- and likes him! REVIEW

Gilligan's Island

Witchay Castaway by G. L. Peabody ~ Darrin and Sam are briefly fellow "castaways" on the island. REVIEW

Harry Potter

A Different Kind of Witch by Nargles ~ McMann and Tate is expanding its offices to London, and Larry wants Darrin to be the head of it! Endora wants Tabitha and Adam to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. REVIEW

*Mischeviously Yours by featherxquill ~ Rita Skeeter investigates the "purest of purebloods" and interviews Endora. REVIEW

Tabitha Stevens in Hogwarts by scholcomp25 ~ Tabitha gets a letter from Hogwarts. REVIEW

Triwizard Bewitched by son of a peach ~ Samantha is the headmaster of the school Harry must represent in the Triwizard Tournament. REVIEW

I Dream of Jeannie

*A Kind of Magic by The Raven ~ Sam/Jeannie slash. Adults only. REVIEW

*A Worthy Dream by yorickjones ~ Samantha encounters an evil djinn possessing Tony Nelson. REVIEW

Bewished by Carpet ~ NOTE: In all stories, Samantha and Jeannie meet while McMann & Tate considers advertising for NASA (unless otherwise indicated). Alternate link: #1 REVIEW

Bewitched Meets I Dream of Jeannie by Vince Nolan REVIEW

*Camp Pyramid by Cheyne ~ More Samantha/Jeannie slash. Adults only. REVIEW

Jeannie, meet Samantha by Griffinkhan NOTE: Dead link preserved here for archival purposes. REVIEW

Jeannie Meets Samantha by ibsammy REVIEW

Jeannie VS Samantha by RA'AY'MOND ~ Jeannie and Samantha engage in a magical battle. Alternate link: #1 REVIEW

Samantha Meets Jeannie by *JeannieFan* ~ In a dream, the characters pop in for a spell. NOTE: Dead link preserved here for archival purposes. REVIEW

Justice League of America

*J*L*A* : Comrades in Armor by Rob Morris ~ Samantha is Captain Marvel, formerly known as Supergirl. Also crosses over with M*A*S*H. Alternate link: #1 REVIEW

*J*L*A* : Truth, Justice, and Consequences by Rob Morris ~ A continuation of the above saga. (NOTE: All the *s doesn't mean these stories are X-rated or anything- that's just part of the title.) Alternate link : #1 REVIEW

King Arthur

Endora vs Morgan laFey by DragonsMaster ~ Disguised as a raven, Morgan la Fey duels with Endora. REVIEW


*"...Bothered, and Bewildered" by Rob Morris ~ Hawkeye and Samantha find they have much more in common with each other than they thought. Alternate link: #1 REVIEW

The 1960's Worf by Rob Morris ~ A drabble featuring Star Trek: Deep Space Nine set during the above. NOTE: Dead link preserved here for archival purposes. REVIEW

*The Reluctant Chaperones by Rob Morris ~ Samantha appears after double-daters Hawkeye, Margaret, Methos, and Cassandra's mess. REVIEW

*Transfer, Transfer by Rob Morris ~ MASH members find themselves in a Star Trek "Mirror, Mirror" universe, while the Stephenses find themselves under assault. REVIEW

Mad Men

Mad Mortals by G.L. Peabody ~ Serena finds her own "Darrin," an ad executive who goes by the name Don Draper. REVIEW

The Munsters

*Bewitched: Long Lost Marilyn by Shelby Bush ~ Serena is Marilyn Munster's mother. Adults only. Scroll down for the end here. REVIEW

Mystery Science Theater 3000

*MiSTed- "Ensign Stephens" by Bill Livingston ~ Mike, Tom, and Crow are critics for Rob Morris' "Star Trek" crossover. REVIEW

(Places in History)

1692: A year that they would never forget by LadyLudvika ~ Salem 1692: Aunt Clara is babysitting with baby Samantha when magistrate John Hathorne, a powerful man involved in the witch hunt, knocks at the door. REVIEW

*A Bewitching Tale by Taylor Bradley ~ Sam and Derek are two men in love. When they move in together, Sam must tell Derek his "shocking" secret- that he is a Warlock. REVIEW

*The McCarthy Witch Hunt by Kim Newman ~ Samantha is hunted down during the age of McCarthyism. REVIEW

TORTS (COMPOSITE), SECTION 4A by Professor David Yamada ~ A law test with a problem involving the Stephens and the Tates. REVIEW

The Sentinel

A Perfect Host by Donna M. Smith ~ Featuring Gladys Kravitz. REVIEW

Independence Fiasco by Enola Jones ~ Also crosses over with "The Pretender", "Invisible Man", and "The Dukes of Hazzard". REVIEW

Star Trek: Voyager

A Young Girl's Fancy by Rob Morris ~ Tabitha has a crush on Tom. REVIEW

*Boiled in Their Own Pudding by Rob Morris ~ The Stephenses get a few mentions in this not-so-merry Christmas story. REVIEW

Ensign Stephens by Rob Morris ~ Endora sends Darrin onto the Starship Voyager. REVIEW

Ensign Stephens Remixed by Rob Morris ~ Above story rewritten with more continuity and some of Bill Livingston's jokes. REVIEW

Time for a Change by Les Bonser ~ Endora shows up on Voyager. REVIEW


Changing Channels Meme: Supernatural/Bewitched by Annie D (scaramouche) ~ Sam and Dean end up in "Bewitched." REVIEW


You Can Do Magic by HighRoad ~ Samantha shares with High Road some memories. NOTE: Dead link preserved here for archival purposes. REVIEW


Twilight meets Bewitched by Carolina G.B. ~ Bella Swan is a witch who wants nothing more than to be a mortal, much like Isabel in the "Bewitched" movie. But what happens when Edward Cullen magically appears her way? REVIEW

Twilight Zone

Bewitched: Twilight Zone by Thor2000 ~ Samantha is shocked to find that her husband is a mythological god. REVIEW

Who's the Boss?

Bewitch the Boss by prettydynamic ~ Tony and Angela couldn't sort out their feelings for each other. Samantha decides to help Darrin's colleague Angela by giving her the Truth Statue. REVIEW


*Bewitched by QueenofYourWorld and Dejavu1978 ~ Chris asks his wife Tabitha a serious question that can change their whole relationship. REVIEW

Xena, Warrior Princess

Wishing for a Warrior by Ri ~ Tabitha zaps Xena and Gabrielle out of a storybook. REVIEW

Wishing for a Warrior for Christmas by Ri ~ Lonely at Christmas, Tabitha again pops in her friends. REVIEW

The X-Files

*Abner by Kay Reindl ~ Mulder and Scully investigate the strange goings-on at Morning Glory Circle. REVIEW

Bewitched Continued by John Karl, starring Barry Pintar ~ Merle, the young boy Samantha once babysat, grows up and decides to live as a mortal. REVIEW

Bewitched Continued: Two Brats and a Big Problem starring Barry Pintar ~ Merle is asked to babysit two magical brats. REVIEW

1960s Telefilm Fantasy Sitcoms by Walter Metz ~ Walter Metz discusses 1960s fantasy television at AVERingenuity in LA. REVIEW

Dapper Darrin Dares Enduring Endora by Dan C. and Joe G. ~ Audio enactment of an episode. REVIEW

Short Bewitched Movie by Joe G. ~ A Flash movie that answers a few questions. NOTE: Dead link preserved here for archival purposes. REVIEW

"A is For Aardvark" by Jaime J. Weinman ~ Reviews Earl Barret's first season episode, "A is for Aardvark." More here. REVIEW

Anatomy of a Sitcom Revision by Jaime J. Weinman ~ Analyzes the revisions to the script "Ling Ling.". REVIEW

Bewitched by Kate Orman ~ Originally from 'Burnt Toast'. REVIEW

Bewitched by silly girl ~ Amusing look at the motivations of the characters. REVIEW

"Consider Yourself Lucky That You Are Not At This Moment An Artichoke!" by Jaime J. Weinman ~ Recaps the more serious moments of "Bewitched.". REVIEW

CHANNELING- Please don't twitch by Mary Dickie  REVIEW

DiSPELLing the Myths by Arfies REVIEW

Magic that nose no bounds by Jane Richards ~ Originally from 'The Guardian'. REVIEW

Samantha as SuperHero by Krista Matthews REVIEW

The Year of Danny Arnold by Jaime J. Weinman ~ Examines Danny Arnold's impact on the first season of "Bewitched." Addendum here. REVIEW

Thoughts on Bewitched by Various Authors ~ A collection of fans' memories about Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery, all on the same page:


Hats Off by Terri T REVIEW

Anyway... by Bailey REVIEW

Hechizada by Laura M REVIEW

It Lives On In Our Hearts by Elizabeth B REVIEW

It Is Truly Magic by Ginny REVIEW

What Bewitched Means to Me by James Hunter (CosmosCotillion) REVIEW

The Best Show Ever by Tennessee BW Fan REVIEW

This One's for Lizzie by John Seavey REVIEW

The Magic Lives On by chibimars REVIEW

The Best Show in History by Greg Karczewski REVIEW

The Best Show in History by Greg Korn REVIEW

The World in "Witch" I Wish I Lived by punkprncss112587 REVIEW

She Was My Star by Paul REVIEW

In My Heart and My Living Room by Kathy REVIEW

Endora Was Right! by Adam Blair REVIEW

Family by SamTabby REVIEW

The Supreme Chef by Peter Frith REVIEW

Television: A Mirror Image of the Modern Woman by Vince Nolan REVIEW

A Perfect American Couple by Rob Pheasant REVIEW

1972- The End by Tom M REVIEW

Bewitched by Elizabeth by Becky Jacob (Serena) REVIEW

Elizabeth Montgomery Is... by Docshu REVIEW

Sometimes the Chiffon's Too Crinkly by Troy REVIEW

Unexpected Greatness from "Bewitched" by Jaime J. Weinman ~ Reviews Earl Barret's third season episode, "Charlie Harper, Winner.". REVIEW

What do Genies, Witches and Gymnasts have in common? by Melanie REVIEW

Why Samantha Is More Powerful Than Jeannie by Scott Viets REVIEW

Bewitched (1964-1972) follows the lives of pretty witch Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) and her mortal husband Darrin Stephens (Dick York, later Dick Sargent). Infuriated by the mixed marriage, Samantha's magical parents Endora (Agnes Moorehead) and Maurice (Maurice Evans) continually try to convince their daughter (usually by spells aimed at her husband) that "Durwood" is wrong to insist Sam to not use her witchcraft, called up by a twitch of the nose.

If Samantha does use her powers, she's in danger of being caught by the suspicious eyes of nosy neighbor Gladys Kravitz (Alice Pearce/Sandra Gould). Lazy Abner Kravitz (George Tobias) thinks his wife is just strange.

Other mortals who may pose a threat are Darrin's boss at the McMann & Tate Advertising Agency, the insincere Larry Tate (David White) and his long-suffering wife Louise (Irene Vernon/Kasey Rogers) . . . not to mention Darrin's own parents, Frank (Robert F. Simon/Roy Roberts) and Phyllis Stephens (Mabel Albertson).

On Samantha's witch-and-warlock-filled side of the family, there's forgetful Aunt Clara (Marion Lorne), practical-joking Uncle Arthur (Paul Lynde), shy maid Esmeralda (Alice Ghostley), quack Doctor Bombay (Bernard Fox), and Sam's fun-loving identical cousin Serena ("Pandora Spocks").

Through it all, the Stephens family has a lot of love and good humor to go around, and children Tabitha (Erin & Diane Murphy) and later Adam (David & Greg Lawrence) feel very much at home- no matter who (or what) drops (or pops) in at Westport, Connecticut's 1164 Morning Glory Circle.

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